Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Flashcard Set! Multi-Word Phrases!

So, I am finally getting back into sharing my study tools with the rest of the world.  While I am not sharing my stenokeys shorthand with the rest of the world, I am more than willing to share my flash cards!  I now have a new bunch of cards to add to the set.  It is called Sten Ed Multi Word Phrases and has a bunch of multiple word briefs and phrases.  It took me a while to get all the cards copied over and even more time to add some new ones, but there are a total of 407 cards available for studying and a total of 213 cards that have been flagged for those who have time restraints.

I am also proud to say that I am using my stenokeys program to write this entry.  Sure, it is slower this way because I have to get my accuracy up with this machine, which has not received much attention due to school, but now I have a new use for it other just homework and studying.  Hopefully this will help me increase my speed and accuracy really soon.  It is really fun to use my machine on my blog though, and you have to admit that the fact this I am trying this is pretty cool.  Stenokeys is a whole new set of commands that are hard to memorize, and I am actually doing this pretty well even if it is miss and go at times.

Hope you have fun with the new flash card set!  I know I will.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have life!

Alright, I know I've been neglecting my poor steno blog, but I have been really busy as of late. Between school and a series of medical problems that arose lately, I haven't had much time. I've been struggling to keep up with everything and still have a life. You know, friends, family, all that jazz. I can't be all steno 24/7.

So, I decided to start finding ways to combine studying, being able to relax, and my internet browsing together. Its been a while since I've been on Depoman, but I went back to see this thread where the topic came up about using the Steno Keyboard instead of using a QWERTY keyboard. I'm an avid gamer myself, especially on the PC, so it really caught my interest.

At the time, I really couldn't do any that was suggested because I was lacking a computerized steno machine. Over the spring break I purchased the Wave, and though I've had my moments of frustration with what my software can and can't do I finally found where we can agree with each other. StenoKeys is available through the student software which allows you to extend Case Catalyst into other programs such as e-mail, Microsoft Word, and a variety of text messaging services. It can probably do more, but I haven't tested it that far.

My cheap and sleazy friend gdwarner posted a dictionary to use with StenoKeys. It is a Phoenix Theory dictionary though, so make sure to do a full backup of all your dictionaries before you attempt to install it. A few things did indeed conflict with my theory, however, it wasn't that hard to do some simple editing to those conflicting entries. 

I now have a dictionary I am building just for gaming, which includes text acronyms such as LOL and ROFL, gaming races such as "elven," "drow," and "orc," and a bunch of software names. I know many court reporters would be horrified by this, but all work and no play makes Nev a very dull person. This will help me increase my speed and enjoy stenography even more. I'll also get vastly familiar with my software and my theory, so away I go with this. However, since I know many students who also game and want to use their stenograph as a PC keyboard, I will not be sharing my entries. If I can master this, I will likely  be the first person to do this, and I'm interested in perhaps making a bit of money on this endeavor. Its going to take hours, days, weeks, and months to perfect this for gaming and text messaging. So, if you're looking to do the same you're on your own. 

Its pretty funny though. I have a variety of cheat sheets up tac'd on my wall in front of my PC now. Its going to take ages to memorize everything I need to get this all together. I am looking forward to this though, and I'll be having a lot of fun. I have a friend who doesn't mind me using this to experiment on his messenger, so I'm looking forward to days of speed building through StenoKeys. 

If you'd like a starter dictionary for StenoKeys, here is a dictionary from the Phoenix Theory. It is only a starter, and likely you'll have to add more keys and also add more entries if you're a gamer. I don't think any sane theory is going to include the words "elven," "halfing," or "wvyern" in their dictionaries. So good luck if you want to as well.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Updated Jury Charge Briefs

New Briefs for the flashcard set StenEd Conflict Free Jury Charge/Q&A Briefs and Phrases.

As a matter of – SMAF
As a matter of record – SMAFRD
As a principle of law – SPROFL
As a result – SRULT
As follows – STPOLS
As I understand – SINDZ
As I understood – S*INDZ
As we understand – SWENDZ
As we understood – SW*ENDZ
Assault and battery – SAUB
Beyond a reasonable doubt – Y-RD
Beyond all doubt – Y-LD
Beyond all reasonable doubt – Y-RLD
Beyond any reasonable doubt – Y-RND
Beyond every reasonable doubt – Y-FRD
Beyond reasonable doubt – Y*RD
Bodily harm – BORM
Burden – BURD
Burden of proof – BR-P
Burden of proving – BRPG
Cause of action – KAUBGS
Character – KARBGT
Contract – KR-T
Contracted – KR-TD
Contribute – KRIBT
contributorily negligent - /KREUPBLGT
contributory negligence - /KREUPBLG
Deadly weapon - DWEP
Defense Attorney - /TKO*ERPB
defense attorney - /TKOERPB
Distinguish - /TKWEURB
Great bodily harm – GRORM
in other words - /TPHORDZ
informed – N-FD
informer – N-FR
informing – N-FG
informs – N-FS
irrelevant – IRLT
permit – PERMT
physician – TP-GS
preliminary - /PHREUPL/TPHAEUR
preliminary examination - /PRAOEBGS
preliminary hearing - /PRAOERG
preliminary injunction - /PRAOEPBGS

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flashcard Update: Jury Charge/Q&A

especially - ES/PERB/LI
figure - FIG/YUR
interrogatory- SPWROEUG

P.S. Yes, I'm still alive. Just very busy. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flashcards Update: Congressionals and Court

The new Congressional Brief and Phrases Flashcard Set is coming along steadily. It now contains 214 official Sten Ed Flashcards. I'm not adding my own personal dictionary entries into them though, but I'll list the new briefs I've found or made up if you'd like to look at them or use them. Suggestions always help! So If you know a source for briefs or have some of your own feel free to comment. I consider this a group effort, especially with Court Reporting Bound, Steno Poet, and Depomans' suggestions.

From the Congressional Briefs I've looked up I also found ones that would also benefit the Jury Charge and Q&A Flashcards of Briefs and Phrases set, so I added them in. The Jury Charge Set now has a total of 360 official Sten Ed Flashcards, and for those with time constraints there are only 264 of them flagged. Hope you enjoy!

Another great place to get briefs is NCRA's Steno Briefs Page, and I will probably hit them up next for getting more custom briefs for Congressionals. So far though looking up words that are listed just to double check is really helping find shorter, and official, briefs from my theory so I don't know how many I'll develop on my own. I'll list them though!

Here are the ones I developed or took from Downey CSR's Briefs and Phrases Sets. I haven't gone through all the sets yet, and some of these I made on my own. Only use these briefs and phrases if they are compatible with your theory and your software! A lot of these I derived from other Steno Sets in my own dictionary, so they go along with the Sten ED theory well.

AL/LAOEUS    allies
BAOUR    bureau
BAOUR/KRAES    bureaucracy
D*EM    Democrat
DEM    democrat
IND/PENSi    independence
IND/PENT    independent
KLOURS    Clerk of the House
KON/SNUS    consensus
KONGS/NAL    congressional
KUMT    incumbent
MAUJ    majority
MEK    Members of Congress
MEKT    Members of the Congress
NAKT    enact
NAKT/-MT    enactment
R*EPBL    Republican
REPBL    republican
SK-FRNS    subconference
SKM-T    subcommittee
STAOUNL    constitutional
STIT/WENT    constituent
STIT/WENTS    constituents
SUB/SDAER    subsidiary
THOR    author
TR-RB/RER    treasurer
W*FPLT/W*FPLT    World War
Ways and Means Committee    WAIMS

Dictionary Developing

So I'm starting to develop my own dictionary since I'm out of theory. I'm mainly looking for Congressional briefs and phrases at the moment. Steno Poet, from, told me a website that had a list of Congressional briefs that could be added to your dictionary. This website is and is owned by Downey CSR.

I've been going through the pages one by one and seeing what works and what doesn't. These are ones that I added, inspired by their pages.These are not official briefs from StenEd, so if you'd like to use them you'll have to add it.

allies - Al/LAOEUS
congressional - KONGS/NAL
constituent - STIT/WENT
constituents - STIT/WENTS
constitutional - STAOUNL
Democrat - D*EM
democrat - DEM
petroleum - PET/YUM
Republican - R*EPBL
republican - REPBL
World War - W*FPLT W*FPLT

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flashcards: Work in Progress

I'm working on getting some Congressional and Legislative Terms into my flashcards. A new set, which will be called StenED Congressional Briefs, is a work in progress. It will take me a long time because all of these briefs, phrases, and words I'm having to look up on my own. I'm also going to have to create a lot of these long phrases on my own because Sten Ed doesn't have briefs for them. Luckily we have Brief-It in Case Catalyst, so I'll start working on conflict free legislative terms on my own. If you guys have any terms or briefs you have for Congressionals, even if you created them on your own, please let me know! I'll not only add them to my dictionary, providing they are conflict free with my dictionary, I'll add them to my flashcards. You'll get full credit for what you provide!

You can go ahead and check them out (click here), but note that its a work in progress and will take me a long time to complete. I'm doing everything manually in searches because my school hasn't provided us Congressional Briefs, and the reason is is that there aren't very many.

One I created on my own:

Clerk of the House - KLOURS, because Clerk of the Court is - KLOURT